Discover the Element of New Taste!

Let's call out to people around the world to participate in the project "Discover the Element of New Taste!"
This is a project launched by the artist Mokoto Aida for the Singapore Biennale 2006.

To call out support from the entire world, we will seek cooperation at local exhibition site, and this manifesto shall be exhibited in order of completion of translation into each languages.

If you think you are the one by visiting this site, please translate the manifesto into your own language and send it to D.E.N.Taste! club in either jpeg or gif image data to be uploaded on this web-site.

Unfortunately no gratuity will be paid for this translation, however, you will be taking part in this historical discovery of humankind.

----- Attention! -----
If you were to challenge for this discovery of new taste, please be cautious for food poisoning as in some cases it can be a dangerous deadly disease. Any experimental drinking and eating taken by your own accord must be your responsibility, and any harm caused by this project shall not be responsible by our executive committee.

This site is created and produced by Aida Makoto & D.E.N.Taste! club
Copyright:Aida Makoto